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Find the Right Movie to Suit Your Christmas Mood

Look up holiday cinematographic favorites with this database of 100+ Christmas-themed movies and TV specials. It includes some that are only tangentally related to the holiday (e.g., Bell, Book and Candle)—even a couple that give Christmas only a passing nod (e.g., Die Hard) but where it figures into the plot in one significant way or another. Some were judgment calls. The Godfather isn't in here even though it has a Christmas scene. Some of the selections might seem a stretch to you, and you may feel others were unfairly left out, but I don't care.

Christmas Movie Database Search Engine
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This list was compiled relying mightily on The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), http://www.imdb.com. If you want more information about any movie listed here—in fact, on any movie at all, this site is well worth a visit.

Comments, criticisms or suggestions regarding additions to, or subtractions from, this list? Feel free to send any thoughts along to jskelly@websitesammy.com. All but the most outlandish will get careful consideration.